Tua Tagovailoa Openly Admitted To Changing The Team


Just three years ago, the Miami Dolphins were “mistaken for Tua,” but the former first-round pick hasn’t felt that kind of love since he actually landed in South Beach.

During the first two seasons, Tua at times felt unnecessary from both the coach and the organization. But on Wednesday, the Dolphins QB took some time to explain what changed at the start of the third year.

—That’s it,— Tua said. “That’s it.”

“The attack is different. The confidence with which the guys go to training is different. The confidence with which the guys come into the building is different. The way we do things around the building is different. Just everything.”

“I can’t necessarily point to one thing,— Tua continued. “And I think that’s what will help us become a better team if we spend more time with each other not only in the building, but also outside it. And we’ll see where it leads.”

Tagovailoa went on to say that new head coach Mike McDaniel is “probably one of the most optimistic people I’ve ever met,” explaining that McDaniel’s confidence really rubbed off on the team.

Let’s see if this confidence will lead to new victories in 2022.


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