TSMC will start manufacturing Intel CPUs, says agency


The past few years have not been kind to Intel, which has faced serious problems with its 10nm and 7nm processes, while facing stiff competition from AMD. The company has managed to maintain relevance thanks to the Tiger Lake chips and promises to recover with the new Rocket Lake and its Cypress Cove cores, but it appears that the company has even more ambitious plans.


According to a report by the financial agency TrendForce, Intel will give up the production of its processors to pass it on to TSMC. The measure has been expected for some time, but may reach a greater magnitude than expected. The document states that Intel Core i3 will adopt 5nm lithography as of the second half of 2021, with the company’s high-end processors going into mass production in the 3nm process next year.

In both cases, the components would only hit the market next year, considering that we will still have the 12th generation Alder Lake family, which even won a teaser during CES 2021 and had its hybrid core approach confirmed, based on the praised Intel’s 10nm SuperFin lithography.

The report also points to the advances of AMD, which has already dethroned Intel in games and which is present in almost all notebooks announced this week, as well as the enormous success of the Apple Silicon M1 and its ARM architecture as the main motivators for the drastic change in production lines of the giant Santa Clara.


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