TSE was not hacked; “leaked” data is from 2001


In order to raise doubts about the security of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and the fairness of the 2020 Elections that take place this Sunday (15), a group of digital criminals republished an old data collection, possibly from 20 years ago, as if they were result of a recent attack on the TSE.

Some vehicles even echoed the fake leak as if the said group were trying to demonstrate that the security of the Electoral Justice is not as strong as the institution has said in recent weeks.

The group that took responsibility for the alleged attack is known in its midst for taking advantage of opportune situations to publicize old leaks as if they were new. Since last night (14), the e-Título app and other TSE systems are unstable due to high demand. The Court issued a ruling on the problem this morning.

It is important to highlight that this collection of old data does not have any information that could compromise this year’s or previous years’ elections. There are also no indications that the TSE has recently been hacked, unlike what happened with STJ and the Ministry of Health.

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