TSE requires Twitter to provide data from users who disseminate false news


This week, the Inspector General of Electoral Justice and Minister of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Luis Felipe Salomão, asked Twitter to send the personal information of users who used the platform to disclose false information about the democratic voting process in Brazil, including accusations against the reliability of the electronic voting machine, for example.


According to the minister’s request, Twitter has up to 15 days — starting from last Monday (25) — to send the Federal Police the data of the disseminators of fake news, information that will be used as evidence during the investigations that proceeding in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) .

In addition to this decision, Salomão also asked the STF minister, Alexandre de Morais, to share with the TSE the evidence obtained during the so-called ‘Fake News Inquiry’, which investigates the undemocratic acts that took place on September 7 by supporters of the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

The inspector determined what information should be sent over the social network in order to contribute to the advancement of authorities, including complete registration data — including the IP address of those investigated — and information about the performance of the posts.


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