TSE May Ban Telegram During Elections To Fight Fake News


Telegram: The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Luís Roberto Barroso, is studying a way to ban Telegram from Brazil during this year’s elections. The goal is to reduce the spread of fake news on the messaging app.

According to Valor magazine, Barroso has been trying to contact representatives of the messenger for more than a month – which does not have an office in Brazil – to study possible actions to combat false information, in order to ensure more security for the electoral process. The minister, however, did not receive a response.

Sources from the Electoral Court said that, so far, two emails and a physical document have been sent to the company’s headquarters, located in the United Arab Emirates. In the records of the Post Office, however, it says that the four delivery attempts were negative.

The expectation is now that the minister meets the Court to decide what will be the measures in relation to the application. According to him, the messenger is currently one of the main tools used by groups focused on spreading conspiracy theories and fake news about the electoral system.

“We made contact with Telegram and awaited a response, trying to prevent them from turning into a channel of disinformation and fraudulent news campaigns,” he told Valor. It is worth remembering that the Superior Electoral Court has already closed partnerships with WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, which have made themselves available to help combat disinformation on platforms.