TSE develops mobile voting and seeks partner companies


This Tuesday (22), the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) launched an announcement in search of partnerships with companies interested in developing an online voting system that allows voters to vote from home using their cell phones.

The new technology should be tested in the election of November 15 this year with the use of fictitious candidates in booths available in some electoral colleges in Curitiba (PR), Valparaíso de Goiás (GO) and São Paulo (SP). The official voting for 2020 will normally take place at electronic voting machines.

In drawing up the partnerships, which will be free, the country’s highest electoral court seeks alternative ways to reduce the number of abstentions and decrease the cost of holding elections. Companies wishing to participate in the undertaking must express their interest between September 28 and October 1. Upon receipt of registration, meetings will be held with TSE technicians to develop the tool.

On November 15, the operationalization of the new system will be monitored by the Electoral Justice, which will count on the participation of pre-selected voters who will vote for the fictitious candidates. The TSE warns that “only suggestions that add security to the electoral process will be evaluated, especially with regard to the secrecy of the vote”. Social inequality and the difficulty of access to the internet by a large part of the Brazilian population must also be taken into account.


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