Trying out games will be easier with Steam Playtest


Steam has long been one of the most popular digital game stores among PC gamers. However, the management of test groups on this platform is usually done through demos and key distribution, leaving players vulnerable to abuse by malicious actors. However, Valve is preparing to change this with its system called Steam Playtest.

In Playtest, developers are offered the opportunity to send demo invitations and control access on the game’s Steam page. In this way, developers will be able to follow the interest shown in the game during the testing process more easily and terminate the process more easily.

Valve stated that Steam Playtest will not replace Early Access and that the two processes can be carried out together. However, unlike Early Access, it will be possible to use Steam Playtest for free. For games in Playtest, features such as evaluation, success record will not be offered.

It should also be noted that beta tests of Playtest tools continue. According to SteamDB followers, testing started in July. Pavel Djundik points out that the history of the Playtest code goes back to 2015. It can be said that the release of the Epic Games Store prompted Valve to move faster in this regard.

For Steam Playtest, developers can register for free. Players can see how Playtest works with Total War: Elysium.


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