Try Ned Fulmer of Guys under Criticism as Fraud Allegations Take Over the Internet


The Try Guys are some of the most prominent content creators on YouTube... but their channel, usually devoid of drama, is full of speculation as accusations of infidelity swarm the internet.

The group, consisting of members Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zack Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Young, is usually known for trying a lot of different things and experiences (hence the name), from menstrual pain simulators to making cakes without a prescription.

However, one gang member seemed to be missing from their last first attempts — and fans noticed it almost immediately.

The Try Guys is an inseparable group of four YouTubers who share their first experiences trying new things on the internet.
Viewers couldn’t help but notice that Ned Fulmer was apparently not in the last three Try Guys videos on YouTube and in podcast episodes, although he is still present in their group photos and promotional materials.

That’s not all; keen-eyed fans have also noticed that Fulmer’s wife, Ariel, has disappeared from the last two episodes of the podcast You Can Sit With Us, which was hosted by the wives of Try Guys.

The Try Guys have also reduced the amount of content they currently produce, recently announcing that they will be uploading one video per week throughout October.

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Who is Alexandria Herring? The Try Guys Cheating Scandal Has Gone Viral
Now Internet detectives are linking the facts with screenshots of texts provided by a Reddit user who claims to have seen Fulmer cheating on his wife with one of the producers of Try Guys and the star of “Food Babies” Alexandria Herring.

The screenshots show videos allegedly filmed in a New York club, which show Fulmer and Herring allegedly “kissing.”Herring’s fiancee, Will Thayer, allegedly deleted all of his photos with her on Instagram and allegedly unsubscribed from her, although his account is now closed.

These accusations have not yet been confirmed, but this does not prevent Try Guys fans from falling in shock from the situation on the Internet, and many commentators rush to Fulmer’s Instagram account with a request to “speak out right now.”At this point, neither the Try Guys nor anyone involved in the ongoing allegations have spoken out about this, leaving fans desperate for answers.

This is just the latest influence fraud scandal to take over the internet following the ongoing feud between Addison Ray’s parents, Monty Lopez and Cherie Easterling.


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