The truth about Taehyung and the girl in the MV of ‘ON’


The actress who represented the girl who interacts with V (Taehyung) in the official MV of ‘ON’ talked about her role in the video and how it was to work with BTS.

After the premiere of the official MV of ‘ ON ‘, thousands of theories have emerged through social networks. From the references BTS made to the Bible , ‘ Maze Runner ‘ or even ‘ The Lion King ‘, many speculations about the meaning of the video have become very popular.

One of the scenes that attracted the most attention was the one where we can see Taehyung holding a girl’s hand . Much has been said about what this could mean and many believe that this could be a reference to ‘ Make It Right . However, the actress who gave life to the little girl revealed what her role in the video really was and what its appearance means .

In the official video of ‘ ON ‘ we can see a fragment where Taehyung appears near a girl who is blindfolded, who later removes the bandage and takes her hand to walk towards the giant doors that open in amazement of all the boys of BTS . This scene is very similar to the one that appears in ‘ Make It Right ‘, where a blond girl appears in front of a boy who wears an outfit similar to V’s in ‘ ON ‘ and then they hold hands.

Adorable girl who held the hand of V is called Rina Johnson , one actress who has appeared in films like ‘ The Crossbreed ‘, ‘ Jump ‘ and ‘ Famous Little Girls ‘. Through his Instagram account, he shared a screenshot of the ‘ON’ video where he appears next to Taehyung and revealed what his role was in this wonderful MV.

Rina revealed the mystery surrounding his performance in ‘ ON ‘ and said his role was to be the sister V loss . OMG! She also talked a little about her experience working alongside BTS and said that Taehyung is a very nice and funny boy, from whom he received a very good treatment.

Rina also mentioned that V communicated with her in Japanese and English and taught her some dance steps during the video recordings .

Although we do not know what was the reason why Taehyung’s sister was lost , we know that she managed to meet her again in the ‘ ON ‘ video , is it that this is the same story BTS tried to represent in ‘ Make It right ‘and alludes to your fraternal bond of brotherhood with ARMY ? Tell us in the comments you think about this.


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