The Only Truth About Camila Cabello’s New Haircut


The only truth about Camila Cabello’s new haircut. The singer has also joined the wavy hair, but her new image has a trick as Camila herself has confessed.

When someone inexplicably changes something in their usual image, it is a matter of seconds – and photographs on Instagram – that we appreciate even the slightest variation. And it is that when it comes to changes of looks of celebrities in the candlestick, the mythical phrase ‘Have you done something in your hair? I see you different ‘loses all its flirting character and is followed by an insatiable search for answers.

In recent months, the object of our research has been Camila Cabello. The singer, having managed to get EVERYONE to sing ‘havana a na na’ at some point in her existence between 2018 and 2019, surprised with a torrid relationship with another young promise of the song, Shawn Mendes. And of course, such a vital change must be accompanied by a change of look.

On this occasion, perhaps to claim her Latin roots, Camila has made the curls her new star hairstyle and, in the face of such natural waves, we thought she had simply kept her hair straightener in a drawer and released her wildest essence. That is to say, we all believed that Camila Cabello’s change of look was really that she had left her hair natural, that those waves were her own… But no, there is a trap and cardboard and they are old acquaintances of beauty.

Let’s go back to the past. Depending on what your age is and how your hair is, the permanent word can arouse very different feelings in you. You loved her well and she reconciled you with your hair, or you have never heard of such a term.

Recently, Camila Cabello told ‘Refinery2’ that the singer’s new curly mane was the result of a permanent. “I have made a permanent and I have never felt so safe” were the textual words of the American, who said she had always dreamed of having curls.

Although it is in disuse, this technique – thanks to which Elle Woods won her first trial in ‘A very legal blonde’ – had her greatest success between the 80s and 90s. With her she sought to tame her hair and end the frizz filling it with very defined curls. A few hours at the hairdresser, several chemicals and hundreds of curlers later, the result was that of a hair full of very defined curls that did not lose their form washed after washing, greatly simplifying the daily routine … Just what Camila has experienced.

Although her hair is naturally straight, this new hairstyle has streamlined her hair routine. Wash, apply a curly hair effect cream and air dried. No irons or other tools, according to the singer revealed in the same interview.

Camila’s other confession to the web was about how to tame her bangs, something that has not changed since we met her. To ensure that it always maintains its shape and adapts perfectly to its new curls, the singer accommodates it behind her ears so that it stays smooth and without frizz, and also has a shape at the tips.

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