Truth Be Told: Apple TV+ Series Season 2 Wins Trailer; look!


Truth Be Told: This Tuesday (3), Apple TV+ released an unreleased trailer for the 2nd season of the series Truth Be Told. Apparently, in the new wave of episodes, viewers will watch new tensions involving the main characters of the plot.

In the narrative, Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) is responsible for a super famous podcast involved in several criminal investigations. During season 1, viewers watched the protagonist’s actions unfold, especially when they were related to the arrest of an innocent man.

Now, with Season 2, Poppy has a very challenging case on her hands, focused on the death of the husband of one of her childhood friends, communicator Micah Keith (played by Kate Hudson). Thus, several mysteries affect her routine, even more when they are directly related to this person from her past.

As the case unfolds and new discoveries are made, their friendship is clearly put to the test, as Poppy may be facing something she never expected to happen in such close proximity. Can she trust her childhood friend?

Check out the full trailer:

Truth Be Told: Learn about Apple TV+ Production Season 2

The series’ cast also includes guest appearances by Rob Cephas Jones, Mekhi Phifer, Tracie Thoms and Katherine LaNasa. Certainly, the next ten episodes will be full of twists and turns, as the production makers promised in previous interviews.

In that sense, with the usual weekly distribution of Apple’s streaming platform, public anxiety will recur anyway. The expectation is also to know how the investigation of the case will take place, considering that Poppy will need to be firm in order not to be influenced by means outside her work. What could have really happened to Micah’s husband?

So stay tuned and be sure to check it out! Truth Be Told returns to Apple TV+ on Friday, August 20th, with the first episode of Season 2.


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