Trust the VAR: An AI registers a bald linesman


We are used to telling you about the great advances in technology with artificial intelligence. Whether with a dedicated space on the processor or in an application, this feature is increasingly present. For its correct operation it is necessary to train it so that it recognizes its work well and how to do it without failures. But sometimes the most hilarious errors occur, as is the case of what was seen with an AI camera operator who has confused the lineman with the ball.

A match broadcast by an AI

Until now, all sports broadcasts had a significant technical and human deployment. Imaging is done by the filmmaking team and camera operators who capture all the action. But some have seen intelligence as an ally to trust, or at least they would think after seeing the results that for some have been a disaster while others have considered it something fun.

We put you in context: the Scottish football team Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC has a system that allows you to broadcast your team’s matches by streaming. Due to the pandemic they have been forced to do without some workers and among them are camera operators. An AI has taken their places, but as you will see in the following video, it has not done the job.

The file is treated with humor and is that the AI ​​only records the bald linesman because he mistakes him for the ball. This is not a bad joke, it is simply a software glitch. In The Verge they have found the problem that has caused the hilarious result of the broadcast and everything is attributed to several factors: the ball is about the size of a human head and that the lighting conditions prevented an optimal recording of the match.


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