Trust my logo. Why are video games advertised so badly?


After the PS5 event, which leaves us more logos and small print, we reviewed the most recurring errors when announcing games, their reasons and solutions.

In this life there are chills and chills. They are read and written exactly the same, but they are not the same, far from it. It is important to learn to differentiate them. The first chill, for example, is the one that dances down your spine when, at the end of the PS5 event, you hear the voice of Christopher Judge (Kratos’ voice actor) announcing “one more thing”. This chill causes your throat to dry out, your pupils dilate, and your pulse race. It unleashes a mixture of illusion, nervousness and desire within you. From hype, they call it now. It’s the kind of chill we see those kinds of events through. Your skin gets on end and goose bumps, or the other way around, and even increases the blood pressure in a certain area located in your lower body. A smile overflows your face. Then a logo appears, God of War Ragnarok; a slogan, Ragnarok is coming; and a date, 2021. And that’s it. Caput. C’est fini. Sanse finished.

That’s when the second type of chill makes an appearance. The chill. This is very different. It is not a like a dance, but like a crush. It does not affect you on the outside, but on the inside. It is fast and fast, electric. It brings a bitter aftertaste to your mouth, causes general paralysis, misunderstanding and makes you start having flashbacks. But it is not like you are going to die, you do not see images with the best moments of your life, but you remember all the times you have seen a video game advertised with a simple logo. And what’s worse, you remember what happened next. This chill is as cold as a dagger. It makes you wonder if the God of War sequel deserved to be presented like this. If a logo is up to the GOTY of 2018 and one of the best games in the PS4 catalog. The chills erase any smile and after its passage there is only a bittersweet sensation and a question that constantly floats in our head. Why are video games advertised so badly?

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