Trust gamer peripherals with up to 30% discount


Are you dating new peripherals to upgrade your online gaming? That mouse that no longer responds or pleases more, or its headset that only works on one side and is certainly a sign that it is time to give the equipment a makeover, and nothing better than excellent production to further improve the gaming experience.

It was with this in mind that Amazon, in partnership with Trust, one of the market leaders in the area of ​​gamer lifestyle, launched discounts for various accessories of the brand. For sure the options will be able to deliver excellence, comfort and aesthetic innovation in your particular setup. You can check all the products available in the promotion here, but we selected 4 options for you to know better. Check out.

Carus GXT 322 Headset

Designed to deliver full multiplatform compatibility, the GXT 322 Carus is a state-of-the-art headset ready to please professional and casual gamers. Its comfortable design allows intense hours of gaming with a clear and powerful sound, completely adjustable to adapt to the user’s style.

The gamer headset has a sturdy wire connected to a 3.5mm jack, which supports any standard device. In addition, the flexible microphone accurately captures the voice, resulting in a definitive experience for those looking for the best in online games.

Varzz GXT 460 Headset

Aimed at PC gamers, the GXT 460 Varzz is a complete and personalized device with an innovative and modern look. Featuring LED lighting on the headphones and microphone, the accessory is ideal for playing online with friends.

In the structure, the headset has a nylon cable that extends for more than 2 meters. This model is able to satisfy all consumers, both for its excellent sound quality, transmitted through powerful 50mm boxes, and for the adjustable microphone, which can be controlled and muted by the headset itself.

Mouse Gamer LED GXT 108 Rava

For anyone looking for the best gaming mouse to play online with precision and comfort, the GXT 108 Rava has it all and more. Combining beauty, performance and excellent value for money, the peripheral is made to satisfy the public in any tasks that are performed on the computer.

Through a 1.7 meter cable, the player will have access to an ideal accessory for their games, with adjustable DPI settings up to 2000dpi capable of providing the best feeling of action. Futuristic, its 7-color lighting embellishes the peripheral that has 6 programmable buttons, resulting in a cheap gamer mouse but with great features.


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