Trump’s WeChat ban won’t affect users


US President Donald Trump signed a decree declaring that if Chinese WeChat and TikTok are not sold to another company, on the grounds that they violate national security, these two applications cannot be accommodated in the country. After the decree, many WeChat users were preparing to sue, and a statement about WeChat came from the US Department of Justice. In the statement, it was stated that a possible ban to be implemented will not cause legal problems on its users.

Clarification for the WeChat counterclaim

Cnet reported Wednesday that the said ban designed by the Trump administration for WeChat will not create any legal liability on people who download and use the China-based application. The statement came after a group of WeChat users filed a counterclaim against President Trump last August, citing the ban as unconstitutional.

In a statement he made on August 6, President Trump stated that WeChat, affiliated with Chinese technology giant Tencent, has dealt a significant blow to national security. In the counterclaim filed, users stated that there was no evidence that the application posed a threat to the national security of the USA.

On the other hand, for TikTok, another application that is likely to be banned, a statement from the Trump government came to the employees. In the statement, it was stated that an enforcement ban would not create any employee wage checks or social rights. The statement also included the assurance that they would not be subject to any prosecution for doing their job.

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