Trump’s proposal to postpone elections


WASHINGTON (AA) – Republicans in the Senate did not receive support from US President Donald Trump’s proposal to postpone the presidential elections in the country on November 3.

Trump’s proposal to “postpone the elections” on Twitter has been the subject of controversy among US public opinion and politicians.

The prominent Republican names of the US Senate stated in their statements that they do not support Trump’s idea and that the law does not allow such a change.

“I have concerns about the remote voting system for everyone, but I don’t think we should postpone the elections,” said Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Senator and Trump’s closest supporters, reporters. used the expression.

Stating that the US economy and schools need to be reopened safely, Graham said, “We made a big pre-election in South Carolina in June. I think we could make a safe election in November. I don’t think it is a good idea to postpone the elections.” said.

– “No, we won’t delay the elections”

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, in a program he attended on Fox TV, said, “We will go and vote on election day and this will be a safe choice. No, we will not postpone the elections.” used the expression.

“We have been holding the elections since 1845 on Tuesday following the first Monday of November. This will be the case this year,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio told reporters. he spoke.

Stating that the elections will be legitimate and reliable, Rubio said, “The election date will not change. We will make the election in November. People must have faith in it.” found the assessment.

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“We are a country based on the rule of law. Therefore, nobody can change the election date until the law changes,” Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley stressed that the election date is fixed by law. used the expression.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said he was concerned about the dubious situations in the elections, but the elections should not be postponed.

– Trump’s proposal to postpone the elections

Trump, in his Twitter post, suggested that the remote voting system would lead to complexity, and suggested that the US presidential elections to be held on November 3 will be postponed. “2020 will be the most erroneous and fraudulent election with the mail-by-voting system for everyone. It will be a great shame for the USA. Is it delaying the elections until people vote regularly, safely and securely?” Trump said. had used the expression.

– Congress decision required to postpone elections

Under US federal law, presidential and mid-term elections in the country are held on the first Tuesday of November in the election year.

This year, the Congress resolution is required to postpone the elections that coincided with November 3.

Trump’s policies are frequently criticized in the USA, which is having a hard time due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

According to national election polls, Trump follows his opponent Joe Biden from the Democratic Party about 10 points behind.


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