Trump’s opportunity to improve his electoral result


President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, will face the second and final presidential debate this Thursday at 6 p.m. (Pacific time). The 90-minute meeting will take place in Tennessee 12 days before the election date.

Five questions will be key during tonight:

  1. Change of forecasts. Trump needs the debate to help him close the gap with your opponent, who clearly leads the nationwide popular vote polls. Although the investigations show less difference between the two candidates in the decisive states,
  2. Trump’s environment is concerned that the president could lose them. So this is your best chance to win over undecided voters to help you stay in the White House.
    Button to mute the microphones. The constant interruptions by Trump in the previous debate led the commission that organizes these events to keep the microphone of the candidate silent, who does not have to intervene in the two minutes that the other has to present his position on each issue. This would be a total of 24 minutes without “stepping on”, but the remaining 66 can be messier.
  3. Trump’s response to the pandemic. The coronavirus crisis will occupy much of the debate and Trump is challenged to find a better way to tackle it and convince undecided voters that he has the situation under control. But it will not be easy at a time when the official death toll in the country is 220,000 and when so little time has passed since the president himself was infected, after disavowing scientific voices and refusing to wear a mask.
  4. Attacks on Biden’s son. The former vice president’s team hopes that Trump will try to focus the debate on alleged Hunter Biden evils, which the president has tried to reproduce lately. The Republican will seek to capitalize on the publication of a tabloid about Hunter’s work abroad. Even if the information was legitimate, something that prestigious journalists have questioned, it would not link the Democratic candidate to any type of corruption.
  5. Avoid the Republican narrative. The president and his team have spent years poking fun at Biden’s long record of mistakes and calling the 77-year-old Democrat’s mental and physical health into question. During the first debate, the former vice president was successful, but he knows that Trump will strike again in that direction and, according to the Associated Press, he has spent the last four of the last five days exclusively preparing the debate.
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