Trump’s New Social Network Hacked Before Launch


Truth Social, a new social network announced on Wednesday (20) by former US President Donald Trump, was hacked even before it was officially launched. According to Mashable, the platform was invaded this Thursday (21), a few hours after the service was revealed, scheduled to debut in 2022.

Taking advantage of a sign-up link that apparently went public before its time on the Truth Social website, many people were able to register to use the novelty. During registration, the “intruders” noticed that virtually all usernames were available, including the service owner’s own.

With the gap still open, it did not take long for the names of famous supporters of the republican politician to be used as well. Among them, managing vice president Trump Mike Pence and conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins, linked to the QAnon movement, soon gained fake profiles on Trump’s social network.

Domain taken down

The prank, which also included creating a fake account for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the network from which Trump was banned, was short-lived. A few hours after registration, users were alerted that they could no longer access those accounts.

The Truth Social domain, which was used for early access to the platform, is no longer publicly available. Now, all accounts created during the break-in should be removed, leaving usernames free again for the service’s debut.


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