Trump’s former advisor is getting into Bitcoin


SkyBridge Capital, hedge fund of Anthony Scaramucci, who once served as Donald Trump’s communications advisor, applied to the SEC for a Bitcoin fund. The fund, which will operate under the name of SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund, will be open to accredited investors who will invest at least $ 50,000.

SkyBridge Capital has $ 9.2 billion in assets under its management.

The company notified the SEC in November that it could invest in digital assets. The billion-dollar fund, known as the “fund of funds”, stated that it could invest in mutual funds that allow taking positions in digital assets. It was noted that these investments could also be made to companies that provide digital assets or other emerging technologies related technologies, and were not limited to Bitcoin alone.

Recently, the ways to invest in crypto money have been expanding for institutional investors. Bitwise 10 funds, which allow to invest in the 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies, recently started to be listed on the stock exchange. Meanwhile, major cryptocurrency investment firm Grayscale announced today that it has stopped taking new investments in its funds such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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