Trump’s Election Campaign Site Hacked


The website created by US President Donald Trump for the November 3 elections was hacked. The hackers posted a message by changing the “About” section on the site. In this message, crypto money was requested to share some information that would damage Trump’s reputation.

The website created by US President Donald Trump for the November 3 elections was attacked by hackers. Hackers changed the “About” section of the website and requested “Monero”, one of the crypto currencies, from the users entering the site. However, the attack seems to have been repulsed within a short time. Because Trump’s campaign page continues to work normally as of now.

The hackers said in a message they posted to the website that they would reveal confidential information about Donald Trump. Moreover, this information was of a kind that allegedly tarnished President Trump’s reputation. It is not possible to know whether such a thing is true or not, but it must be said that the incident is on the agenda of the USA.

Here is a screenshot taken from the hacked page

The hackers also left to users’ pleasure what to do with Trump’s confidential information. Hackers who shared the codes for two different Monero wallets would act on the amount of Monero sent to these accounts. So, if users sent more cryptocurrencies to their Monero account titled “share information”, the information would be shared.

Tim Murtaugh, who directed Trump’s campaign page, said that the attack attempts were correct and that they were working with law enforcement to find out who or who organized the attack. However, there is currently no information about who or who the hackers are.

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US President Trump has not faced such an incident for the first time. Recently, a Dutch cybersecurity expert managed to hack Donald Trump’s Twitter account and even shared Trump’s Twitter password. But there is a reason for this. Trump, making a statement as part of the election campaign, stated that no one would be hacked, someone with an IQ of 197 was needed to be hacked, and that person needed 15 percent of the password. It seems that this incident has whetted the hackers’ appetite.


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