Trump’s campaign application removed from the broadcast


Google suspended former president Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign app in the Play Store early Wednesday.

According to Android Police, the application was not removed due to Trump’s removal from the world’s largest platforms. The application was removed from the Play Store because it did not work and had no functionality.

The app contradicts Play Store policies

The app provided campaign news, event schedule, and ways to donate to the campaign before it was suspended. However, at one point he stopped working and asked Google to remove it.

According to Android Police, Google verified and tested the app’s functionality before uninstalling it.

In addition, let’s mention that the iOS version of the application is still in the App Store and works.

Due to Google Play Store policies, apps must maintain “minimum functionality”. In a statement to Android Police that it has uninstalled the app, Google explained the matter as follows;

“The Trump 2020 campaign app recently stopped working and we tried to reach out to the developer multiple times to get them to fix the problem. People expect apps downloaded from Google Play to provide minimal functionality, and our policy is to remove apps that don’t work from the store if they’re not fixed. “


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