Trump would fight that country


It was stated that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who used every means to keep the seat after losing the elections, was about to start a war.

Trump, who held a critical meeting in the Oval Office, allegedly wanted to hit Iran’s nuclear facilities, but was discouraged by the authorities on the grounds that it would have serious consequences.

Every move of Donald Trump, who lost the Presidential elections on November 3 in the USA, continues to be closely monitored. It was a matter of curiosity how Trump, who claims to be the real winner of the elections, will exit the White House.

While Trump’s peaceful acceptance of defeat and handover is seen as a distant prospect for now, it has been suggested that he will almost start a war.

According to the news of the US headquarters Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a very critical meeting was held in the Oval Office last Thursday. The meeting in question included Vice President Mike Pence, Chief of Staff Mark Milley and Deputy Defense Secretary Christopher Miller.

It was learned at the meeting that Trump talked about his plans to “strike Iran”, which he imposed on sanctions. It was stated that Trump cited the Tehran administration’s moves that did not comply with the nuclear agreement as the reason for this. However, unnamed sources who spoke to the newspaper argued that a conflict with Iran would have bad consequences for anyone involved, and that President Trump, who struggled to end the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, was persuaded not to cause greater tensions.

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Pence, Milley and Miller told the President of the United States that a military operation against Iran would have serious consequences, and that even if Trump left office, he could follow him politically. US President Donald Trump, claiming that the Tehran administration did not meet the requirements of the nuclear agreement between his country and Iran, decided to exit in 2018 and started to impose sanctions on each other.


According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran’s level of enriched uranium has since risen up to 12 times what the 2015 agreement allows.

According to the report of the IAEA, the amount of enriched uranium found in Iran reached 2 thousand 443 kilos. Within the framework of the agreement, the amount Iran could hold was only 203 kilos. “They have increased the amount of enriched uranium that can be turned into weapons, but there is no way they can do it without anyone noticing,” said Gary Samore, who studies the Middle East at Brandeis University.

The differences of opinion on Iran with the elected new President Joe Biden, whom US President Donald Trump wants to put into trouble, are remarkable. While Biden is known to support the re-recognition of the 2015 agreement, it is known that he wants to take control of nuclear activities by making an agreement with the Tehran administration.


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