Trump will lose privileges on Twitter in case of Biden victory


Current President of the United States, Donald Trump, could lose privileges on his Twitter account and even be suspended from the social network if he loses the presidential election to Joe Biden, in a dispute that is still ongoing and that should involve lawsuits in the country’s Supreme Court. .

According to the platform itself, Trump cannot be banned from Twitter, as he is a world-class leader who uses his account to issue opinions that generate debate among the population and make public interest announcements. However, an eventual loss of the position of president would still transform him into an important personality, however without such political responsibility. In a statement sent to the Business Insider website, Twitter confirmed that, in this case, it would be subject to the same rules that apply to other accounts.

Twitter’s first interference with the president came in May 2020, when he had a hidden post for “extolling the violence”.

During the counting of votes in the electoral counting, he again had several publications marked, now due to imprecision or lack of information about the country’s electoral process, alleging fraud without presenting evidence – a continuous action that for him only means reducing the reach of publications, but in normal accounts it would have already resulted in suspension or banning of the profile.

In an official response, Trump said Twitter was “out of control” by marking the posts as fake.

Long history

The relationship between Trump and Twitter has been troubled for some years. In 2017, by threatening North Korea through a post, the politician had the social network update usage policies and review what should stay on the air what needs special signage.

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In the same year, a survey revealed that the majority of Americans disapproved of Trump’s use of the platform and thought he should leave Twitter. In addition, a former employee of the social network even deactivated the president’s account for a few minutes on his last day at work.

In 2018, he first accused the platform of purposely hiding conservative posts, also without providing evidence.


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