Trump: we will sue Biden for election irregularity


US President Donald Trump, upon announcing that his rival Joe Biden team won the elections in Nevada and Pennsylvania, “We will sue for irregularities in the elections where Biden announced his winnings.” found in the description.

Reaction came from Trump after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Campaign Advisor Jen O’Malley Dillon announced that they had won the elections in the now critical states of Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Number of delegates won by candidates

In the presidential elections in the USA, the name that has reached 270 delegates, more than half of the 538 delegates, wins the presidential election.

Results by State in the US Elections

Trump said on his Twitter account, “We will file a lawsuit for irregularities in the elections where Biden announced his winnings. We have too much evidence. Just look at the media. We will win these elections. America first.” used the expression.

Trump: “We won a major legal victory in Pennsylvania”
On the other hand, the court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, considered the Trump team’s request to be allowed into the census centers.

The court ruled that Republican Party members also enter the election counting centers as of 10:30 am local time today.

Trump posted on Twitter after this decision, “We won a great legal victory in Pennsylvania.” shared.

Trump’s campaign team to hold a press conference in Nevada

On the other hand, Trump’s election team will hold a press conference where “an important announcement will be made” in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is one of the most critical states for the election results to be clarified.

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The winner in the 59th presidential election in the US, held on Tuesday, November 3, is yet to be clear. According to unofficial results, Trump has won 214 delegates so far, and Biden 253.

The election results are not clear in the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Alaska, which currently represent a total of 71 elective delegates.

In Arizona with 11 delegates and Nevada with 6 delegates, the determination of the winner is critical in determining the candidate who will take the lead in the presidential race.


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