Trump: We will ban TikTok


US President Donald Trump has announced that they will ban TikTok social media application. The short video application, owned by China-based ByteDance company and actively used by 80 million people in the USA, became the last title that came to the fore in the “economic war” initiated by the USA against China. The U.S. is putting pressure on the Chinese company to sell TikTok to a U.S. firm.

US President Trump has announced that they will ban TikTok, a short video application owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

Speaking to reporters on the plane on his return to the capital, Washington DC after his visit to the state of Florida, Trump said he could sign a presidential decree today for the ban.

Reuters interpreted this step as increasing the pressure for the Chinese owner to sell TikTok. According to the agency, this announcement by Trump came after feverish talks yesterday that did not reach the end, among potential buyers including the White House, ByteDance and Microsoft.


It was stated that TikTok was pressured for the sale of US operations, but no agreement was reached and negotiations are expected to continue in the coming days. It was argued that ByteDance valued over $ 50 billion and wanted to remain a minority shareholder in the company created problems in the negotiations.

Apart from Microsoft, Facebook was also reported to be able to purchase TikTok.

The ban on TikTok has been on the agenda for a while in the USA, which started a multi-faceted struggle against China, with the claim of “national security concerns”.

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