Trump: Tech companies take your rights away from you


US President Donald Trump has accused major tech firms like Facebook, Twitter and Google of hiding the corruption of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “They don’t allow a lot of news to come out,” Trump said. These companies are very, very strong, ”he said.

President Donald Trump, who actively uses social media, claimed in a video message he published on his Twitter account that big technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have always been against him.

“These companies are trying to hide the corruption of Joe Biden right now,” Trump said, “Love it or not, they do not allow many news to emerge. There is very clear evidence. These companies are very, very strong,” he said.


Stating that sanctions should be imposed on technology companies, Trump said, “These companies take your rights from you.”

Trump also reacted to Twitter’s failure to bring allegations about Joe Biden and his son to the “on the agenda” section. The President of the USA said, “There is no freedom of the press in the USA, there is hiding of the news or completely fake news. In the last two weeks, we have seen how our press has become corrupt and even worse ”.


President Trump, who frequently targeted other technology companies, especially Google, claimed that companies were biased against conservatives and imposed their views on the state. Republican senators in the US yesterday accused social media and technology platforms Facebook, Twitter and Google of censoring political content in favor of the Democratic Party.

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Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai answered the questions of the senators at the session held by the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

Colorado State Republican Senator Cory Gardner, speaking at the session, said, “I do not accept the idea that the unelected elites in San Francisco and Silicon Valley are the people who decide whether my speeches are suitable for these platforms. But worse than that, the unelected bureaucrats in Washington under the name of neutral political content. it is a kind of political control “he said.


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