Trump supporters share, allegation of cheating


For the first time in American history, the elections, in which two candidates over the age of 70 competed, were held at a time when the coronavirus epidemic wreaked havoc. While the US election results were eagerly awaited, allegations of vote forgery came in Pennsylvania …

BBC disinformation and social media reporter Marianna Spring announced that while it was a quiet election day, there were allegations of unconfirmed vote fraud and dirty games in one of the critical states, Pennsylvania. But Spring is of the opinion that these baseless claims target critical states.

It was stated that a video was spread on social media with the claim that an observer was prevented from entering the selection center in Philadelphia. It is seen that the video was watched more than 2 million times on Twitter and shared from pro-Trump accounts. The video is believed to be not fake and the incident was caused by a confusion about the selection rules, not cheating.

A man in the video is warned by the authorities to stay outside. One woman’s name is unknown, she tells him that the “city wide” ballot box monitoring document is not valid in some private voting centers.

It is known that those who want to observe ballot boxes are allowed to enter some voting centers. It is seen that the person in the video was taken to the center after apologizing.

US President Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that Democrats would cheat the counting of postal votes, and that his rival Joe Biden told him that he could only be defeated by fraud, which raised concerns that there would be chaos in US cities after the election.

In the course of the coronavirus epidemic that lasted for eight months in the country, Americans, struggling with racism, police violence and economic difficulties, protected the windows of shops and workplaces with wooden plates, especially in big city centers.

The ballot box poll conducted by the American CNN on election night revealed that the most important issue for 34 percent of the voters is the economy. According to the survey, the rate of those who chose considering racial inequality was 21 percent, while the coronavirus outbreak was the top priority for only 18 percent of US citizens.

States that swing back and forth between Democrats and Republicans in the elections are described as “swing states”. These are places where presidential candidates put a lot of effort into winning.


Arizona is a state traditionally elected Republicans. Trump took Arizona by 4 percent in 2016. It was a very small difference compared to previous elections. Polls show that Joe Biden will take Arizona in this election. Arizona is among the states heavily affected by the coronavirus. This increases the chances of Biden. However, Trump may entice the voters with his project to wall the Mexican border. The number of delegates of Arizoza is 11.

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North Carolina was a Republican stronghold until Barack Obama. Obama took North Carolina, albeit slightly, in 2008. In this election, Biden seems to be ahead in the polls. Both candidates spent millions of dollars on advertising to get a state. So there is no rosy picture for Trump in North Carolina. North Carolina’s number of delegates is 15.


There is only one predictable truth about the election in Florida. It is here that the race is always head to head. Florida’s unpredictability stems from the complexity of its population structure. Voters show different tendencies as it is a place where retirees from other states come and settle. It also buys the White House, which has taken Florida since 1964. Florida’s number of delegates is 29.


Georgia traditionally votes Republicans. Trump leads the polls in this election, too. But in the state the black middle class is on the rise, Atlanta is thriving. As development increases, the state becomes more competitive. This situation increases the chances of the Democrats. Georgia’s number of delegates is 16.


Iowa is a rural and conservative state. Republicans have increased the dominance here in recent years. Trump scored 9 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in Iowa in 2016. Normally, with this difference, he shouldn’t have to worry about the state of Iowa. However, it has been one of the states that has most felt the effects of Trump’s trade war with China. The Corona virus outbreak also makes its impact felt. Iowa’s delegate number is 6.


Obama won twice in Ohio. But the Midwest state has slipped to the Republicans in recent years. Trump won Ohio by an 8 percent margin in 2016. Democrats need black votes to win. Biden’s appeal to the white working class also shows that he has a chance here. An important note for Ohio. No Republican candidate who has lost Ohio to date has won the presidency. Ohio’s number of delegates is 18.


Trump won by just 0.3 percent in Michigan in 2016. In the state that traditionally voted for Democrats, a Republican won for the first time in 28 years. Biden’s chances are pretty good here. Biden, whose father was a car dealer, built a deep personal relationship with Detroit. He visited Michigan frequently while he was Vice President. Biden, a strong and moderate name in the state where the worker class is concentrated


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