Trump supporters kneel and pray he WINS the election


Strange things happen in the 2020 United States Election, Donald Trump supporters throw themselves on the ground to pray for his victory.

2020 United States Elections: In the midst of waiting to meet the winner of the election, Donald Trump supporters have dropped to the ground, knelt and began to pray outside the Clark County voting center in Nevada for their candidate to obtain re-election.

Hands outstretched, dressed in red shirts and red hats, several women knelt to pray in front of a Clark County Nevada polling place, this after the Nevada race got pretty close.

This Friday in Nevada, Joe Biden was with the same advantage of 49.8% of the votes, while Trump has 48.1%.

Joe Biden up front against Donald Trump

Joe Biden has 264 votes in the electoral college, while Trump has 214, of which a candidate must obtain 270 votes in the electoral college to be elected president.

Although Donald Trump is at a disadvantage in Nevada, he still says that the electoral process is “rigged” even when he does not provide information to prove it, and insists that he won the election.

His administration has sued in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, but a Georgia and Michigan judge dismissed the case. International election observers who are stationed in the United States have also said they see no evidence of voter fraud.

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The speaker of the Democratic House announced on Friday that Biden will be the next president of the United States, but the race is not over yet, so it is necessary to wait for the official announcement.

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