Trump still won’t approve TikTok deal with Oracle


One of the great soap operas of this summer has not only taken place in the world of sports. The departure of Messi from Barcelona or that of Neymar from PSG have been closely followed by football lovers, but while this was happening other transactions were taking place in the world. And it is that TikTok had a deadline to find an American company with which to agree and continue its work in the United States. However, Trump is not clear that the multimedia app will enter his borders with his latest move.

Opera would keep a part of TikTok

We put you in situation: This summer Donald Trump has decided to get serious with one of the most popular applications of the moment. We are talking about TikTok, the Chinese application that allows you to make short videos and that sweeps the number of dances, tutorials and recommendations that users upload. However, the alarms went off in the White House due to the possible leakage of data to the Chinese Government.

At that time, Trump signed an order in which the operations of this and other applications of Asian origin, such as WeChat, would be prohibited. This would be the case in the event that the companies in charge of these apps did not find a North American company to buy part of it to continue operating in the country. But the deadline has already passed and after many proposals it would be Opera that would act as a bridge for TikTok.

Trump does not approve the alliance

It seemed that everything would be resolved this September, but Donald Trump is not entirely clear. It turns out that the agreement does not only include two parts: on the one hand Bytedance, the company that created TikTok, and on the other Opera, the trusted technology provider in the US But according to CNET, everything points to him being the American president the one who has the last word by collecting some statements in which he says that “I can tell you that I don’t like it.”

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And it is that the media also affirms that Trump is not satisfied with the latest movements and that he has doubts about it due to national security issues. This is a worrisome problem for the businessman, since he thinks that the app sells data to the Chinese Government although it claims otherwise. We will see how the negotiations end in the coming weeks if Donald Trump wants to give the go-ahead to TikTok’s operations under Opera’s wing.


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