Trump says “Stop the vote count” Bitcoin dropped


While the world was listening to the statements of Biden and Trump, who were locked in the US presidential election, Donald Trump had harsh words about the election in the morning. Stating that they will go to the upper court and ask for the vote count to be stopped, Trump claimed that the votes were stolen in the elections. Following these statements, there was a decline in Bitcoin along with traditional markets.

Bitcoin, which was traded around $ 13,670 at the time of writing, was withdrawn up to $ 13,520 at Trump’s call. Before that, the largest crypto money was bought and sold for $ 13,800. Bitcoin reached $ 14,80 in the first hours of today.

With the opening of Asian markets, the US media reporting that Donald Trump is leading in a few important states such as Florida, Bitcoin has also declined as hopes for a bigger support package to come out if Biden wins.

He said “stop the vote count”, the decline came

Around 11.30 BTC, the decline in Bitcoin accelerated further and BTC fell from 13,800 to 13500. The downturn came after Trump accused the Biden side of stealing in the election.

Trump made the following statements in a statement at around 10.30 BST:

“We want the vote count to be stopped. This is openly deceiving and defrauding the American people. We are living a shame for our country. We were preparing to announce that we won the election and we won clearly… ”

S&P 500 futures are currently trading 1 percent lower. Nasdaq futures currently saw only 0.8 percent up from the 4 percent gain seen earlier today.

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The 10-year rate of return on US government bonds also fell by 23 basis points, 0.77 percent, despite increasing demand.


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