Trump said ‘you will develop a herd mentality’


In ABC News’s ‘city council meeting’ format, Trump struggled against questions from voters. The President of the United States, who argued that the coronavirus will go away even if the vaccine is not vaccinated, said, “But with many deaths,” he said, “You will develop a herd mentality.

Following the book of famous journalist Bob Woodward in the USA, where he included interviews with President Donald Trump, comments are made that Trump’s answers to the questions of the voters on ABC News channel can determine the course of the 3 November elections. For even on pro-Fox News, Trump’s performance was evaluated as “ABC ambushed and defeated the President”.

Trump surpassed himself in the program, where voters took the floor and asked questions in the format called ‘city council meeting’ moderated by George Stephanopoulos.

Trump, advocating his actions to combat the coronavirus pandemic, warned public health agencies in the United States that candidate vaccines should be safe first for approval, but said, “We’re very close to getting vaccines. If you want to know the truth, it would have taken a year for the previous administration to issue the vaccine because of the entire approval process. “We have a few weeks before we go out. It could be three or four weeks.”

As Woodward disclosed in his last book, on the question of why he considered the coronavirus to be insignificant, even though he knew that it was lethal by airborne transmission, Trump said, “I did not show it unimportant. In fact, I paid too much importance in terms of action in many ways. did.

“It will go away without vaccination, but it will go away much faster with the vaccine,” Trump said, “Of course. After a certain period of time,” he replied after Stephanopoulos said “Will the virus go away on its own without vaccine”. Upon the objection of the moderator, “And with many deaths,” the US President said “You will develop a herd mentality”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party in Britain, one of the countries such as the United States, which was caught unprepared for the pandemic that started in China in December, announced that they first consulted with scientists and adopted the herd immunity approach, that is, the assumption that the infection would stop when enough people were immunized. Thus, while Britain ranked first in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in Europe, the Prime Minister abandoned the herd immunity approach after he was infected and returned from death.

Trump, who is thought to refer to his close friend Johnson’s ‘herd immunity’ approach when saying ‘herd mentality’, crossed the boundaries of English while trying to explain what he meant:

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“There will be herd development and it will happen. It will happen, but I think it will pass very quickly with the vaccine. But I think we are really turning the corner.”

Criticized for not appearing in public by wearing a mask, Trump also defended those who refuse to wear masks and adhere to social distance, and the majority of them are supporters of his Republican Party. When Trump said, “Not many people wear a mask and don’t think the mask is good”, Stephanopoulos asked, “Who are these people?”

Responding to “waiters”, the President of the United States said that he saw the serving people constantly playing with their hands with their masks and said:

“I don’t blame them. I’m just telling what happened. They’re playing with the mask. So the mask is done, first they touch the mask, then the plate, and it can’t be a good thing.”

In the USA, which continues to be the center of Covid-19 and the country with the most casualties, approximately 6.6 million cases and 200 thousand deaths have been recorded so far. This corresponds to 20 percent of the number of cases in the world, whereas only 4 percent of the world’s population lives in the USA.


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