Trump presumes he voted for himself in Florida elections


Donald Trump has cast his vote in the 2020 United States elections, presuming that he voted for himself in a Florida library.

In the last hours, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump cast his vote in the state of Florida, where he presumed to reporters that he voted for himself, declaring that he voted for “a guy named Trump.”

The early voting took place in the United States, and many celebrities have even shared their decision and invited North Americans to vote, with more than 54.2 million people who have already done so.

Donald Trump votes for himself in Florida

President Donald Trump attended the West Palm Beach Library in Florida, which is located near a farm he owns in Mar-a-Lago, having recently changed his permanent residence from New York to Florida.

It is worth mentioning that this decision is due to the fact that this state is essential to ensure his re-election, which is why he cast his vote in said state, where he also took the opportunity to say that voting in person is better than by mail.

During the time of his vote, the reporters were already waiting for the US president to interview him and ask him who he had voted for, to which he replied that “he voted for a guy named Trump.”

Covid-19 does not stop elections in the United States

Voting by mail has become an effective way to prevent further COVID-19 infections after it was reported that the disease has already killed more than 224,000 Americans since the start of the pandemic.

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For his part, Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s rival in the elections, moved to Pennsylvania for two events, and former President Barack Obama will campaign in Florida to support Joe Biden, which could affect the advancement of Donald Trump .


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