Trump orders withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan


Experts warn that the hasty withdrawal of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan could bring severe problems to the country.

Donald Trump ordered the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and they are expected to return to their country by January 15, 2021, five days before Joe Biden takes over as president.

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller announced the withdrawal of large numbers of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The decision is one of President Donald Trump’s promises to bring the soldiers home, even as Republicans and America’s allies warn of the consequences of a hasty withdrawal.

In this way, the number of troops would be reduced from 4,500 to 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, and in Iraq from 3,000 to 2,500 approximately.

In information that we have in Somagnews, all this would follow the wishes of the US President, Donald Trump, to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in a successful and responsible manner.

“And bring our brave soldiers home,” as he said in days past.

Withdrawal of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

The soldiers are expected to return by January 15, 2021, five days after the inauguration of Trump’s successor, President-elect Joe Biden.

Miller, who until a few days ago was the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, is the one who replaces Mark Esper, head of the Pentagon until last November 9, the day he was fired by Trump, after the military chief opposed the The president’s plan to deploy the military to crack down on protests against police violence that rocked the United States this year.

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“If the forces of terror, instability, division and hatred begin a deliberate campaign to disrupt our efforts, we are ready to apply the necessary capabilities to thwart them,” Christopher Miller said in remarks from the Pentagon.

The United States will begin to withdraw its soldiers, however, Miller made it clear that his country remains ready to respond in case conditions deteriorate.

Shortly after Miller made the announcement at the Pentagon, President Trump’s national security adviser Robert O’Brien said that the president is keeping his promise to the American people to remove troops from war zones.

“By May, President Trump expects everyone to return home safe and sound,” he said from the White House.

A few minutes after the announcements from Washington, four rockets fell inside the fortified Green Zone of Baghdad, in Iraq.

This place is home to a large number of embassies and government buildings, as well as the capital’s airport.

“Four missiles landed on Baghdad’s Green Zone and were found to have been fired from Al Amin al Thaniyah neighborhood, Al Alf Dar district, New Baghdad,” Iraq’s Security Information Cell noted.


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