Trump or Biden? Here is the closest name to victory


Presidential elections in the USA are only days away. All eyes turned to polls in the breathtaking race of Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Hours before the start of the most critical presidential elections in the United States, eyes turned to the polls and the reliability of these polls.

In 2016, while all polling companies took a firm glimpse of the victory of then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the Trafalgar Group, which said Trump will win and predicted, published a new poll for the 2020 elections.


In the survey, it was emphasized that Trump is ahead in critical states, unlike the general polls, and stated that he has a chance to win the elections.

According to the Trafalgar poll, Trump appears to be 2.7 points ahead in Florida, 0.8 points in Pennsylvania, 2.5 points in Michigan, 2.1 points in North Carolina and 2.5 points in Arizona.

Trafalgar, on the other hand, stated that Biden appeared ahead of Trump, with 1.3 points in Wisconsin, the other two important states, and 3.2 points in Minnesota.


On the other hand, Trump said that ‘fake polls’ should not be trusted in the US Presidential elections to be held tomorrow and emphasized that they will win despite these ‘false polls’.

US President, “We will win despite fake polls. According to real polls, we are doing well in every city,” he said.

In the US Presidential elections, voters mainly vote for delegates of the party they support.

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In this system, called the “Board of Delegates”, a total of 538 delegates are assigned to each state with different weights. The candidate who reaches one more than half of this number, ie 270 delegates, is entitled to be the President.

One of the striking features of the American political system, where the balance between states is observed, is that the person who has more delegates, not more votes, is the president.

In this system, the fate of the elections in the USA is determined by the states called “swing” because they go back and forth between Republicans and Democrats.

Pennsylvania and Florida stand out as the two most important states in the 2020 elections in 6 swing states, which make up 101 of the total number of 270 delegates to reach for the presidency.


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