Trump may also lose his Twitter account!


LAST MINUTE NEWS … It was claimed that US President Donald Trump will be deprived of the privileges given to world leaders on Twitter and his Twitter account may be closed after the presidential handover to take place on January 21

According to unofficial results, US President Donald Trump, who lost the presidential election to his Democratic rival Joe Biden, may also lose his Twitter account after the handover to take place on January 21.

According to the news in The Verge, after January 21, Donald Trump will not be able to benefit from some of the privileges Twitter offers to ‘world leaders’. The Twitter administration has also confirmed that Trump will be subject to rules applied to all other users after the handover, including barriers imposed for violent and misleading content.

“Twitter’s approach to leaders, candidates and public officials is based on the principle that people should be able to choose whether or not to see what their leaders are saying. This means we can alert or restrict access to certain posts. It covers, not civil citizens who are no longer in this post. ”

Twitter and Facebook had put misleading content warnings on many of Trump’s posts since election night. US President Donald Trump has actively used Twitter during his candidacy and presidency and has created the agenda with his posts here over the years.

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