Trump Kills His Blog 29 Days After Launch Due To Low Ratings


Trump: With a much smaller audience than expected and just 29 days after the launch of its platform, Donald Trump, former president of the United States, decided to abandon the project.

On the last day of the “social network’s” life, it amassed 1.5 shares and comments on competitors like Facebook and Twitter, from which Donald was banned – numbers significantly lower than the hundreds of thousands of reactions in the past.

To The Washington Post, on condition of anonymity, an adviser to Trump indicated that he was quite unhappy with the results of the initiative, as well as the “loser” nickname that would have been attributed to his name.

During its short period of existence, From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, more like a blog than initially suggested, averaged about 4,000 daily interactions, according to data from BuzzSumo.

Case thought?

On CNBC, Jason Miller, Trump’s senior adviser, confirmed that From the Desk of Donald J. Trump will not return, but argued that it was a kick-off for “broader efforts.” Furthermore, he declined to give details on the matter – saying only that the move is part of other plans.

Finally, analyzes conducted by The Washington Post last month, shortly after the space’s arrival, revealed that the site trailed Petfinder, an animal pre-adoption service, and Delish, which focuses on cooking recipes, in hits . The scenery has not improved over time.


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