Trump is the winner of Alaska in the USA


Republican candidate Donald Trump won Alaska, one of the states where the vote count continued in the US presidential elections.

In the US presidential elections held on November 3, the counting of votes continues in some states. With the vote count coming to an end in Alaska today, according to the latest results, Republican candidate Donald garnered 56.9 percent of the vote in the state. Trump, who left his rival Joe Biden behind in Alaska, had 3 delegates in his house. Trump has increased the total number of delegates to 217, while Democratic candidate Joe Biden currently has 290 delegates in his household. In the congressional elections, Republican candidate Dan Sullivan won the 1st senate seat in the state of Alaska. In the 100-seat Senate, Republicans won 49 seats and Democrats 48 seats.

In the states of North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia, with a total of 42 delegates, the results are not yet clear. In the US presidential elections, reaching 270 delegates, more than half of the 538 delegates, is sitting in the presidential seat.

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