Trump has extended the time for TikTok with a new decision


US President Trump gave ByteDance a 90-day period to sell or separate TikTok’s businesses in the US, with a special decision he published on Friday.

“There is reliable evidence that convinced me that ByteDance … could act in a way that endangers the national security of the United States,” Trump said in his decision. testimony and signaled concerns about national security. ByteDance is a China-based company, and the Trump administration suggests that the company can share American information with the Chinese administration. However, the company denies these allegations.

The decision means a little more time for TikTok. In the decision taken on August 6, Trump restricted all transactions to be made by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance and US companies in line with a decision to “address the national emergency related to the information and communication technology supply chain”. This decision would come into effect if ByteDance did not sell TikTok until September 20. Now this period has been extended until 12 November.

The most recent presidential decree mandates ByteDance to destroy any TikTok data it receives from US users and report it to the Foreign Investment Committee in the United States when all data is destroyed. At the same time, ByteDance is obliged to destroy all data belonging to the application that was before TikTok and purchased in 2017. In the first decision, which gave a period of 45 days, there were no such mandatory clauses.

“As we said before, TikTok is loved by 100 million Americans because it is a home for fun, self-expression and connection,” ByteDance released a press release on the subject. said. “We are determined to continue bringing joy and meaningful careers to families who create content on our platform for years to come.”

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Microsoft has been in negotiations to buy TikTok recently. However, Bill Gates, one of the company’s founders, compared this acquisition attempt to a poisonous glass. Twitter is also among the companies that are interested. It is unknown how the new presidential decision, published on Friday, will affect the course of the acquisition. However, Microsoft noted that it expects to complete the talks before September 15, 2020. In theory, Trump’s first time seemed sufficient for Microsoft. Will this final decision change the course of the business, we will see it in the coming days.


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