Trump Gives Time To Sell TikTok


US President Donald Trump issued a presidential order on Friday evening, demanding that TikTok’s operations in the US be sold within 90 days. It was stated that the new order published was good news for TikTok.

There has been a new development about TikTok and the US tension, which has been on the agenda of the technology world recently. US President Donald Trump issued a presidential order on Friday evening, asking the Chinese owner of TikTok to sell its operations in the US within the next 90 days.

In the order issued by Trump, national security concerns prepared by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States were conveyed. The order could also revert ByteDance’s acquisition of, which later evolved into TikTok.

“Good news for TikTok”

Trump previously issued an order that prevented ByteDance and Tencent’s purchases in the US and was still pending, and indicated September 15 as the last day for the end date of the sale. Trump also continued to insist that the US Treasury should also benefit from this acquisition.

In the decree issued by Donald Trump, ByteDance is requested to destroy the data of US users. According to the news in Engadget, this means good news for TikTok because, in the previous presidential order, US-based app stores were ordered to stop the distribution of TikTok if an agreement was not reached within 45 days.

The Trump administration used this tactic for a different application last year. Trump, again using the foreign investment committee report, forced the Chinese owner of the matchmaking app Grindr to sell the app to a US company. While the TikTok spokesperson repeated the previous statements to the questions about the order, Microsoft did not comment.

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