Trump forgets the last date he gave TikTok for sale


TikTok doesn’t have much time left to sell US operations. Or is it left? US leader Donald Trump does not seem to know the answer to this question.

TikTok, the famous social media application with a large number of users, attracts the reaction of people in many countries. In some countries, these reactions are evident at the government level. One of the most aggressive of these countries is the USA.

US President Donald Trump, with a decree published in August, forced the application to weaken its ties with the Chinese roof company ByteDance, but stated that otherwise the application would be banned in the USA. When Trump made a statement on the subject, they confused even more.

When does the deadline given to TikTok end?

It seems the US President doesn’t know when the deadline he set is. Trump, who held various rallies before going to re-election, also touched on TikTok in his speech. The President of the USA made a statement, “We either close TikTok for security reasons in this country or it is sold”.

Answering a question about the possibility of extending the deadline given to TikTok, Trump stated that the deadline will not be delayed, it will be September 15. Although this explanation seems certain, it actually confused them.

First, Trump has already extended the deadline. Second, neither the first date nor the last announced date was 15 September. According to the decision dated August 6, TikTok had 45 days. The decision taken for security reasons also prevented US businesses from doing business with ByteDance.

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TikTok has until November

When we look at the first text signed by Donald Trump, it was stated that a 45-day deadline was given. 45 days after that date corresponds to September 20, not September 15. Moreover, the US President increased the time to 90 days a week after this decision, so TikTok has time until November.

November seems to be an interesting month in TikTok – US tension. Both sides may not be in their current position in the US at the end of November. We will see how the process will end.


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