Trump enrages his lawyers for his opening speeches against ‘impeachment’


The ex-president fears being charged in criminal court. Former President Donald Trump is furious with the first interventions of his lawyers in the impeachment against him.

The president is especially resentful of the speech of the lawyer Bruce Castor , who acknowledged that the managers of the House of Representatives, who are the accusing party, made a “well done” presentation on the charge of “initiating the insurrection” against Republican.

Trump had been preparing for a much less successful defense than his first impeachment trial, but was surprised at times to hear some of the arguments, specifically how Bruce Castor praised the presentation of the House impeachment managers,” reported ABC News reporter Katherine Faulders.

Meanwhile, CNN journalist Jim Acosta indicated that the former president fears being charged in a criminal court and acknowledged the “disorderly” opening of the Republican’s defense.

“An adviser to Trump’s team was candid about the messy opening day of the former president’s impeachment team,” Acosta tweeted. “The adviser said that Trump could be in grave danger if he is charged in criminal court: ‘Trump is screwed if someone accuses him. Nobody wants to work with him ” .

An expanded CNN report indicates that “Trump was almost screaming” as Castor’s speech progressed, who told the accusers that if they had evidence against the former president, he could have been arrested as soon as he left the White House.

The Senate voted 56-44 confirming that the impeachment is constitutional , so the process will continue this Wednesday with the opening of arguments.

Two sources close to Trump told the television station that the former president will remain in hiding until the end of the trial, but is holding meetings with his advisers on how to resurface and help Republicans in the midterm elections.


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