Trump did what he said: TikTok and the WeChat decree!


It is known by everyone that TikTok, which was developed by the Chinese technology company ByteDance and rapidly increasing the number of users, poses a major threat to Instagram today. While the Instagram Reels feature was launched against TikTok, we recently announced that Trump was rolling up his sleeves for the TikTok ban.

US President Trump has long stated that similar to Huawei, TikTok poses a security threat by collecting user data. The sale of TikTok to a US company was shown as a solution, and it was talked about Microsoft’s purchase. While these discussions continued, Trump signed the signatures.

Trump signed for TikTok and WeChat!

The decrees signed by Trump for TikTok and WeChat state that the spread of Chinese companies’ mobile apps in the US continues to threaten the country’s national security, foreign policy and economy. While it was stated that the USA should take aggressive measures to protect national security against TikTok and WeChat, it was announced that the decrees would enter into force after 45 days.

Trump dediğini yaptı: TikTok ve WeChat kararnamesi!

It was not surprising that Trump signed this decree, stating that individuals and organizations in the USA should not take any action in both applications. Because, Trump stated in a statement he made recently that he would ban TikTok unless it is sold to any American company.

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