Trump declared victory: We won this election!


Last minute … US President Donald Trump declared victory before the election results are clear. Trump said they will go to the Supreme Court, claiming that the election was cheating

Highlights from Trump’s comments:

“I thank the American people for their support. Millions of voters voted for us. Unfortunately, a small group is trying to intervene in this large group of voters, we will not allow it.

We were getting ready for a big celebration, but all of a sudden everything stopped. The results we got tonight are enormous. We got an incredible vote. Citizens of this country went to a record number of polls. We won states we never expected, like Florida. We won Ohio. We won Texas.

We won Texas with 700 thousand votes. It is obvious that we also won Georgia. We are ahead by 2.5 percent, only 7 percent of the ballot boxes were not opened. Likewise, there is a 1.4 difference in North Carolina. There is no way they can catch us. We had the same luck in Arizona, but someone came out and said we won.

It seems impossible to catch us. We’d better stay ahead on Arizona, but we’re still in luck. But most importantly, we are winning Pennsylvania by a huge margin right now. There is a difference of 600 thousand votes in Pennsylvania. These are not even head-to-head. In other words, 64 percent of the votes have already been counted, it is not possible for them to catch us. Most likely we will be your president.

We win in Michigan and Wisconsin too. The Governor of Texas called me and congratulated me. The count is about to finish.

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Everything stopped suddenly. There is serious fraud, we will go to the Supreme Court. Honesty must be maintained for the good of the nation. We were about to win this election. And frankly, we won this election. “


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