Trump, deadline for TikTok to continue in the USA


TikTok may be banned outright from the United States next week. The White House has given the Chinese company a maximum deadline until September 15 to find a buyer in U.S. territory, and President Donald Trump recently said he does not intend to extend that period.

The United States commander spoke to reporters on Thursday (11) and commented on the future of the social network in the country. “I’m not going to extend the deadlines, no. It’s September 15th. There will be no extension for the TikTok.”

In addition to revealing that he does not intend to offer extra time for the social network, Trump said the company has only two options. “Or [TikTok] will be closed or sold,” said the politician, who justified the impasse with the application for “security reasons”.

Like companies like Huawei, TikTok has become a target of the United States government because it is a large Chinese company with a high global influence. The ban on social networking in the country began to be discussed about a month ago and drew the attention of companies in the country.

Possible buyers

Microsoft was one of the first companies that became interested in taking over TikTok operations in the United States and even buying the entire social network in full. The idea even gained support from Donald Trump, but apparently the deal was not closed.

In late August, CNBC reported that Microsoft has partnered with Walmart to make an offer to ByteDance, which runs TikTok. Another company that showed interest in the business was the software company Oracle, which has a close relationship with the US government.

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According to Business Insider, ByteDance is still investigating ways to get around the situation and not be banned from the United States. The website points out that the ideal solution for the company would be to negotiate with the government so as not to have to give up its business in the country.


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