Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation had sufficient evidence that President Donald Trump obstructed justice, but “his hand shook” to integrate it into his report.

This is stated by one of its main agents, Andrew Weissmann, who will publish his book Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation (Where the law ends: within the Mueller investigation), which will be published on September 29.

“(Mueller) did not do what he was assigned to do,” says Weissmann according to a preview of the volume released by The Atlantic.

He claims it was “obvious” that President Trump obstructed justice, but Mueller completely failed the American people by failing to put it in his report.

The reason, according to Weissmann, is that the former special prosecutor “was afraid of upsetting the White House,” which also avoided subpoenaing Donald Trump Jr. despite revealing his controversial June 2016 meeting at the Tower Tower with a lawyer Russian who offered compromising reports on Hillary Clinton.

It is added that the former special prosecutor also did not want to call Ivanka Trump for fear of provoking the ire of President Trump.

The investigation into Russia’s intervention in the elections began after the Republican president fired former FBI Director James Comey in the middle of an investigation against former National Security adviser Michael Cohen.

When he presented his report in two volumes, former prosecutor Mueller said he could not prove that the president obstructed justice, but said he did not “exonerate” him.

It was Attorney General William Barr, a loyal ally of President Trump, who led the findings to determine that the president could not be prosecuted.

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