Trump continues his support among minority Latinos


It was announced that the Hispanic community of Culpeper (Virginia) is supporting the re-election of Donald Trump.

A group of Hondurans expressed their support for President Donald Trump. One of the millions of Hispanic Americans who in this election will renew their support for Trump. Despite his sharp anti-immigration rhetoric, in 2016 the Republican conquered almost a third of the votes of this group, according to exit polls, so this time he continues to lead his opponent Joe Biden for the seat of I command in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that around 32 million Latino Americans have the right to vote on November 3, making them the first racial or ethnic minority in the country. They are now 13% of the electorate and, for the first time, more numerous than African Americans. His enthusiasm for voting, however, falters. This year, 69% of Americans say they are “highly motivated” to go to the polls; the percentage drops to 54% in the case of Latinos.

Latinos support Donald Trump

Getting them to vote and get involved is the obsession of Yanet Nolasco, Hispanic leader of Culpeper, one of the places in the US where the population of Latino origin has grown the most since 2000. He mentions that it has to do with the lack of Information in spanish. People don’t know about the elections and they don’t get involved. So they will seek that people in the next few hours are more trained before the elections.

It is worth mentioning that Nolasco helped fill the Virginia Capitol with Latinos to achieve an important reform for the state’s simpapels. Valle is going to run for local elections. They are in the political antipodes, but their forms bring them closer. Bilingual, they have not only adopted the English language but have internalized the language and formulas of activism and politics in the United States.

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