Trump caught COVID-19! Social media responses


US President Donald Trump announced on his Twitter account that he is fighting COVID-19. Trump, who has been criticized by both the press and the public for his interesting statements about this virus, continues to react with an unprecedented speed.

Hopa Hicks, Trump’s advisor, was also infected with this virus. The President of the USA said that he had reserved a private room for him and prepared a quarantine process for him. Hicks got on the same plane with Trump to watch the presidential debate held on September 29, 2020.

Donald Trump runs to record with COVID-19 sharing

The 74-year-old politician, who announced that the test applied to his wife and him was positive and that the quarantine and treatment process will be started immediately, said that he will overcome this virus. Trump trusts both himself and his wife.

In a statement made by the White House, it was reported that both Donald Trump and Melania Trump were not at risk of any life. Comments made for this message that confused Twitter also left their mark on the agenda.

Like and response statistics are hosting higher numbers every second. There are those who criticize Trump as well as those who post supportive messages for the US President.

Below are some of the reactions we have compiled for you. Some users describe this message as the best and most likely to be liked news shared by Trump, while others want Trump to recover.

Donald Trump COVID-19


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