Trump caught Covid-19: Bitcoin and stocks fell, gold rose


US President Donald Trump’s announcement that he was caught in the coronavirus triggered sales in the markets. Bitcoin also got its share of this sale.

USA Another Donald Trump announced this morning on his Twitter account that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for Kovid-19. Stating that they will immediately enter the quarantine and treatment process, Trump said, “We will get through this together.” he added.

Trump’s catch of the coronavirus triggered sales in the markets. Australia’s ASX All Ordinaries index fell 1.35 percent, while the S&P 500 futures lost 2 percent in the American markets. During this time, gold increased by 0.44 percent to 1913 dollars.

The impact of the development was also seen in Bitcoin. The leading crypto money fell from $ 10,678 to $ 10,382 with a loss of nearly 2 percent. The price is around 10 thousand 500 dollars in the minutes of the news.

The Trump news and the resulting price drop came hours after the 4 percent drop seen after crypto derivatives giant BitMEX and its officials were accused by the US for violating the law.

Trump had a verbal duel with Joe Biden on the live broadcast a few days ago. There is a presidential election in the USA on 3 November, exactly one month later.

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