Trump campaign sends emails urging defense to vote


The Donald Trump campaign has sent emails to all the president’s supporters urging to vote in this 2020 election in the United States.

The political climate that the United States is going through regarding the 2020 elections is one of great tension, and now, it is reported that the Donald Trump campaign has sent emails in which it exhorts all supporters of the Republican president to defend the vote.

According to US media reports, in the emails it is specified that “the Democrats are trying to steal the election” and for this reason they make a call to defend each of the votes cast by the citizens. Previously, the campaign said it would not allow Trump’s victory to be taken away from him.

“We will not allow Democratic election officials to steal this election from President Trump with late and illegal ballots,” said the second in command of the president’s reelection campaign, Justin Clark.

Emails urging vote are avoided by Trump

As Somagnews has previously reported, Donald Trump has denounced, since the voting closed, an apparent electoral fraud. Trump’s statements sparked numerous protests across the United States, both from supporters and adversaries.

It should be remembered that, in Maricopa, a fervent crowd of protesters, many of them armed, have claimed that they had stolen the elections from President Donald Trump while they were gathering outside the counting center in Pheonix County.

He stresses that this was one of several demonstrations throughout the country, some about elections, others about racial inequality. In New York, at least 50 people protesting the Trump Administration were arrested.

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Some voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Alaska have reported receiving emails threatening to vote for Donald Trump. According to the Miami Herald, several students at the University of Floria received these emails from the address [email protected]

The case is being investigated by the electoral authorities and the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) and according to the police of Alachua County (North Florida) those responsible would be the extremist group “Proud Boys”.


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