Trump Becomes Covid-19, Bitcoin Price Falls


US President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife were Covid-19, and the Bitcoin price went down. While the price of ONS Gold rose to $ 914, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell to $ 10,400.

US President Donald Trump said in his tweet this morning that he and Melania Trump have been tested for Covid-19. Explaining that both his and his wife’s test were positive, Trump announced that they would “go into quarantine” as soon as possible. Trump gave the message that they will “get over it together”.

What Impact Has It Created on the Markets?

The Covid-19 statement made by Trump caused a sudden decline in the stock markets. The Australian stock market started today with a drop of 1.40%. Meanwhile, S&P 500 futures in the US also lost 1.35% in value. During the same period, the Bitcoin price dropped to $ 10,400. Gold appreciated by 0.35%.

Effects of BitMEX News Continue

The drop in bitcoin price is not only linked to Trump but also to BitMEX news. The lawsuit filed against the cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX in the United States and the arrest of the BitMEX founder caused the Bitcoin price to drop rapidly.

In the lawsuit filed in New York, BitMEX founders Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo and Samuel Reed were accused of breaking banking law.


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